The restaurant

ATMOSPHERE : Mountain & rustic style

In winter, we off racletes, hot cheeses, meat, and fish in the air conditioned room.
In summer, there is outdoor seating for meals and relaxation.


You could taste a traditional cooking :

  • Menu of the day 13.50 € (Only lunch time, Monday until Friday, except the days before holidays)
  • Our dishes: homemade foie gras, fresh salads, fish, skewers, raclettes, meats, and a vegetarian plate
  • Trendy menu at 25 €


To truly complete your experience :

  • List of French wines selected by us
  • Aperitif and appetizers


Our specialty drinks :

  • Homemade house Sangria and homemade “vin chaud” (hot wine with fruits and aromatic herbs)
  • Champagne Ruinart
Contact us if you would like to develop an event specified menu

Opening hours :

  • open from 12:00 am till 2:00 pm and from 07:00 pm till 9:00 pm
  • Day off : Monday evening and all day Tuesday, except during the high season

Reservations in ou


Annual closing of the restaurant :

  • from June 04th, 2018 till June 12th, 2018
  • from November 12th, 2018 till December 15th, 2018